Frequently Asked Questions

How spicy are your books?

It varies, but as a general rule, my most recent releases are spicier than my older ones. My oldest series is The Unearthly series and it is considered YA (Young Adult), and it has very little content that would be considered spicy. My more recent series (The Bargainer, The Four Horsemen, and Bewitched) are progressively spicier with lots of on the page intimate scenes.

Do I have to read your books in order?

Most of my series should be read in order to follow along with the overarching story. The one exception to this might be my Four Horsemen series. There is an overarching plot that spans the four books in the series, but technically you can read the books out of order without being too confused. To see the reading order of my various series, be sure to check out my Books tab.

How long does it take you to write a book?

Generally speaking, I write a book a year. I’m always working to speed up my releases, but that’s about the rate I work at.

Will there be follow up books for any of your completed series?

Usually once I wrap up a series, that’s it for the storyline and the characters. This could always change, but for now, I have no plans to revisit any completed series. That being said, I have several series that are set in the same fictional universe (The Bargainer, Bewitched, The Unearthly). There are no character crossovers as of yet, but there always could be!

How can I get an ARC of your books?

To get an ARC from me, you’ll need to be a part of my Facebook group—Laura Thalassa’s Reader Group. I post the sign up forms in there. I don’t have a regular list of ARC readers, but I do require that an ARC reader has reviewed one of my previous books, either on Amazon or Goodreads. I usually have more ARC requests than ebooks to give out, so not everyone will get an ARC, but the selected readers change each time, so you always have a chance. My publisher, Bloom, also puts up ARCs of my books on NetGalley, so you can always try to snag one on there!

Will you be doing any signing events in my city/soon?

If you’re interested in attending a signing event, please check my Events page! I’m mainly sticking to signing events in California, where I live, but I try to attend a few signing events each year in other locations so I can meet all you lovely readers!

How do I get signed copies of your books?

You can attend a signing event (a list of events I’ll be at is under the Events tab) or you can order my books from Baddies Book Shop with bookplates (while supplies last).

Where can I find the indie paperbacks of your books?

I’m sorry to say that you’ll have to take your chances in the wilds of the Internet to find the original copies of my books. I have a few originals left, which I’ll give out from time to time, but those quantities are very limited, and once they’re gone they’re gone.

Will there ever be follow up books to Blood and Sin or The Decaying Empire?

I have no plans at the moment for sequels to either of these books.

Can I sell licensed merchandise based off your books?

For business inquiries like this, please contact my agent, Kimberly Brower, at